Susan Ortolano, M.A., CMRC, PCC
Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach

The journey of chronic illness is a challenging one and you are an important part of the team! You are devoted to the well being of your patients and want them do well in their lives. The role you play in that is crucial.

I have been personally blessed to have a wonderful team of physicians and practitioners supporting me through my process for which I am truly grateful! A few of the challenges I initially had as a patient were:

  • Relying on my physicians and practitioners to provide support and answers beyond the medical care or service they provide
  • Learning to take personal ownership in managing my own care outside of my appointment and treatment times
  • Preparing myself properly for medical visits
  • Finding a way to let go of my negative attitude and frustration

Although I had emotional and spiritual support, there was still something missing for me. Coaching filled in that missing piece. I was able to transform my life and as a result my medical conditions improved which was a relief for me and my medical providers!

As a physician or practitioner your time is valuable. Your practice is busy.


Imagine your patients having the support of a coach who knows what they are going through and is trained to offer the support that your practice is not set up to provide.

Imagine how much more positive and hopeful your patients will feel with the added resource of a highly trained coach to help them rebuild their lives.

With a more positive mindset, a plan for their lives and a feeling of hope and purpose, there is higher likelihood for them to achieve the best results possible medically and otherwise and even have a greater chance of an improvement in their condition.

Coaching can offer a unique resource to help you, your staff and your patients. Here are some of the benefits:

  • More patient support which means less unnecessary patient calls in between visits
  • More pre appointment preparation and accountability so that patient visits can be more focused on relevant medical issues
  • More time for you and your staff
  • More services to recommend to your patients which adds value
  • More positive mindset from patients which may help improve their results

An Invitation

Contact me to set up a brief phone meeting to see how this coaching program can provide exceptional value to your patients and improve their lives.

Many Blessings,