Susan Ortolano, M.A., CMRC, PCC
Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach

Is This You?

  • Your life has drastically changed through illness and there is no turning back.
  • You're in the midst of treatment or in remission wondering what will become of your life.
  • Your new circumstances are calling you to change your life in profound ways in your relationships, social life, career, and finances.
  • You're questioning your value, beliefs, and purpose while struggling to manage the day to day circumstances and new challenges that you now face.

Perhaps you have even felt a sense of hopelessness, financial terror, thoughts that life is over, feelings that you are no longer attractive or wanted, or even feelings of abandonment by friends and family members and ultimately anger and frustration that this is NOT the life you planned.

I could go on and on....

So, outside of your friends, family and medical support ....

Why Choose Coaching?

  • Because friends and family and doctors can only do so much and you need someone to lead you through
  • Because you need the specific tools and techniques designed for people with chronic illness and survivors in remission who need to create a new life
  • Because having a new and more loving relationship with yourself is the most powerful healing tool around and coaching can guide you there.
  • Because according to the American Society of Training and Development statistics show that you have a 65% chance of succeeding when you commit to someone that you will do something and a 95% chance of succeeding when you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you committed.

In the Vibrant Pathways Coaching Program:

Your life will begin to change, you will experience a shift from the day you begin coaching!

  • Experience a level of peace, fulfillment and love for your life beyond expectations.

    Right now you may think having a fulfilling life that you love isn't even possible.
    Through this program you discover an opportunity for a life of peace and fulfillment you never imagined possible. Imagine having life you actually love after the prospects of that seemed dire following your diagnosis or treatment.
  • Uncover and release destructive issues, patterns, and beliefs

    Right now your mind may be playing scenarios of doom and grief and is recycling that internal "debris" which just makes everything worse.
    What are the lenses through which you have been viewing your life? The issues, patterns, and beliefs have been consciously and unconsciously creating the life you have been living and causing various degrees of suffering. In this program, you identify and release these beliefs using the powerful Sedona Method technique.
  • Accelerate your internal and external progress and achieve results

    Right now the idea of achieving anything may feel light years away.

    While many people may quickly manifest and achieve results during this program, the process is different for everyone. Allow yourself to be transformed by the clarity, insight, personal revelations, and consciousness shift that you will take away from this program which will accelerate your results.
  • Clarify and define a new purpose and heart-felt dream

    Right now it may feel pointless to dream about anything as you question your future.
    Your inner wisdom is still speaking to you. Let this program teach you how to listen. In this program, you clarify in detail what that heart-felt dream and new purpose actually is and what the vision of it looks like.
  • Manage day to day self care & well being

    Right now, day to day self care may feel like an overwhelming burden.
    You now have more to manage in your life. You have specific needs to manage just in your day to day self care. You have many new decisions to make. Learn how to structure a self care plan that fully honors your needs, your truth with more grace and success and how to better partner with your medical care providers.
  • Establish more authentic relationships

    Right now you may not know who you want and need in your life and who will want and need you.

    The experience of an illness helps you look more closely at your relationships. Who have you attracted in partnership, in friendship, in community? Who is still a good fit for you in your life? This program will help you more authentically choose who to have in your life and how to communicate more effectively and more truthfully with them to balance your needs as well as theirs.
  • Reconnect to your own inner wisdom & knowingness

    Right now, you may feel confused about your own sense of what steps to take, what your new "normal" is.

    You have an inner voice of intuition and knowingness. Allow this program to teach you the key steps to access your inner guidance and wisdom, whenever you need it. Discover the difference between your inner voice of fear and your inner voice of wisdom and learn how to effectively navigate them to help you choose what to do next.

The Vibrant Pathways Program is for You if:

  • You are living with chronic or life-changing illness or are in remission and are facing the challenge of having to create a new life for yourself
  • You are ready to embrace new possibilities and discover new passion in your life whether your health improves or not
  • You are ready to spiritually open up and have a deeper understanding of the law of attraction and other spiritual principles how they can work for you
  • You are ready to receive coaching and support in all areas of life including optional sessions for relationship support with spouse and family members
  • You are ready to learn new empowering tools and techniques to help you experience more peace and fulfillment in your life
  • You are ready to take personal ownership of your life and your self care
  • You are interested in private individual sessions or small group format conducted by phone for your convenience.
So, isn't it time to ask yourself why this is happening for you rather than why this is happening to you and allow the answers to appear?

An Invitation

I invite you to explore the possibilities through a complimentary consultation and see how this program could be the next step for you.
Join me and explore the possibilities that are calling out to you right now and love your life again!

Many Blessings,